I Never Liked You

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I Never Liked You is the story of Chester Brown as a teenager: a gawky adolescent who enjoys drawing but has trouble with girls. This book is a series of connected short narratives that have been collected into a longer book, creating the impression that the book is made up of fleeting glimpses–almost snapshots–of Chester Brown’s childhood. Living in a small town, Chester deals with girls who have crushes on him, girls he has crushes on, a mother with psychological problems, and taunts from kids at school. Chester Brown depicts his childhood with simple black and white line drawings, recreating himself as a character who every teen will be able to emphasize with–sometimes he’s cool, sometimes he has some problems. There is some female nudity, making the title most appropriate for older teens, but though the art can be childlike, this book packs an emotional punch that resonates well with teenagers.

I Never Liked You
by Chester Brown
ISBN: 9781896597140
Drawn & Quarterly, 2002

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