DVD, vol. 1

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Deciding their house has too much yang (or masculine energy), punk rocker DD and pretty boy Venu figure the best way to find a woman to live with them is to leave a message attached to the tag of a double-D padded bra. Oddball Ddam, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, figures the best time to kill herself is after gathering up her money, buying a beautiful dress, and hanging out at a club all night, surrounded by handsome men. Ddam calls the number on the tag and invites DD and Venu to meet her for the evening. When the three finally meet Ddam begins to see that these two foul-mouthed, not-as-cool-as-they-think-they-are, somewhat dimwitted slackers could be exactly what she needs to pull her back into life.

DVD captures wonderfully the way teens (in this case, 20 year-olds) speak: snarkily, tangentially, with a tendency to wax philosophic about the most mundane topics. DD and his need to announce his opinions to the world, Venu and his obsession with large breasts – any large breasts – and Ddam, a girl who has been blindsided by life, are as real as the loudmouthed kids who talk and laugh in the back of the class. The artwork in this manhwa is beautiful, with wonderfully expressive faces and detailed backgrounds. The language is sometimes as coarse as the topics are inappropriate, just like any overheard conversation between teenage boys, so this book is best reserved for older teens.

DVD Volume 1
by Kye Young Chon
ISBN: 1933809353
DramaQueen, 2006

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