Maria’s Wedding

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Frankie Pirelli’s cousin Maria is getting married, and the whole family’s coming to the wedding– including his gay brother Joseph (and his new husband), his homophobic aunt Giula, his drug-dealing cousin Mark, and his cousin Carla, who delights in nothing more than stirring up trouble. No one’s entirely happy with Maria’s choice of a spouse– Victor Dybow is a bit of an insensitive jerk– and between that and Joseph’s recent wedding (pointedly not attended by half the family), everyone is on tenterhooks waiting for someone to say or do something so unacceptable that they all get drawn into a messy fight.

Can Frankie– who is known to be outspoken– and the family matriarch, Nonna, manage to keep their family together? In this touching story about people overcoming their differences for the sake of family, Frankie comes to realize that sometimes tolerance and forgiveness can go further than strident proclamations of other peoples’ intolerance and pettiness. This book’s black and white art (with grey toned shading) is very simply drawn, centering the reader’s attention on the characters.

Maria’s Wedding
by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, and Jose Garibaldi
ISBN: 1-929998-57-0
Oni Press, 2003

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