Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, vol. 1

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Friends across the class lines, exuberant Princess of the Clow Sakura, bursting with love for her more reserved friend Syaoran, travels to his dig site to admit her feelings. When she arrives, however, she sets off a chain reaction in the ruins that flings both she and Syaoran out of their world into the clutches of a mysterious witch (for those wondering, she is Yuko, star of CLAMP’s related series XXXholic.) Although at first she seems a threat, it turns out Yuko is more of a guide to set them on their path journeying from one parallel world to the next. Their quest? In the magical blast, Sakura lost all of her memories and falls into a stupor, and each wisp of personal history has been transformed into a feather and scattered across the worlds. Syaoran, understanding that any quest must always end with a price paid, agrees to the witch’s terms: once they gather all the lost fragments, Sakura’s memory will be whole, but for one memory–her memory of Syaoran. Determined, Syaoran is joined by two misfits from two other worlds along for the ride for their own reasons, the cheerful and powerful magician Fai and the grumpy warrior Kurogane, and the witch gives them Mokona, a rotund creature for communicating between dimensions. Their first stop? The Hanshin Reublic, a world obsessed with a baseball team and where everyone is protected by their own personal god.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, vol. 1
ISBN: 9780345470577
Del Rey Manga, 2004

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