Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

Thursday, July 1, 2004  By  Petra Beunderman     No comments

I suppose that it is possible that someday Greg Rucka will write something that I don’t like, but it hasn’t happened yet. Hiketeia is a beautifully written and beautifully illustrated book which is both a gripping story and a thoughtful meditation on the changing conceptions of justice, obligation, and the price of keeping promises. The rite of hiketeia is one of supplication and obligation. The supplicants debase themselves to a protector who in turn is sworn to shield them from all harm. In Ancient Greece this rite was understood and ensured by the vengeance of the Furies for those who broke hiketeia. However, when Danielle Wellys recites the ancient pledge to Diana, Princess of Themyscira, events begin to unfold which trap Wonder Woman between her sworn word and Batman’s dedication to justice. Batman cannot compromise his ethics to allow Danielle to escape the penalty for the murders which she has committed, no matter how compelling her reasons. Equally, Wonder Woman cannot afford to break her oath to Danielle to protect and defend her. The artwork here is gorgeous. Muted color tones echo the meditative nature of the story, but the panels are alive with detail and depth.

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
ISBN: 1563898985
By Greg Rucka
Art by J.G. Jones
DC Comics 2002

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