Wish, vol. 4

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Given all the rules and forbidden passions launched in Wish, it’s difficult to imagine a happy or satisfactory ending being possible! And yet, CLAMP manages to resolve this melodrama of Heaven and Hell with a satisfying, if open, finish. Kohaku, desperately lonely, flees from Heaven to return to her beloved Shuichiro. Everyone in the house realizes Kohaku has broken more of God’s rules to return without permission. Kokuyou once again attempts to reveal his prediction about Shuichiro’s fate, and though his declaration is once again cut short. Kokuyou also begins to realize that someone must be behind these constant interruptions, and he suspects it’s God himself. When the remaining archangels arrive to judge Kohaku and Hisui and dispense God’s judgement, everyone is reminded that while they may have been thinking they were outsmarting God, God is not as busy as anticipated, nor as heartless as they feared. This series is a sweet one to pick up for any teen readers, and at four volumes, it really is more of a bargain than some of CLAMP’s better known works.

Wish Volume 4
ISBN: 9781591820802
Tokyopop, 2002

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