Wish, vol. 3

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With Volume 3, consequences start to pile up. Kohaku and Shuichiro sense that their time is limited, and almost unconsciously, each tries to extend it. Hisui advises Kohaku to consider her feelings carefully — does she want to stay with Shuichiro only to grant his wish, or does she long for more? Time runs out when Touki, another archangel, appears to chide Kohaku and bring her back to heaven. Shuichiro tells Kohaku that she is needed more in heaven, and that he still has no wish for her to grant. Kohaku, melancholy but feeling that Shuichiro does not need her, reluctantly returns to Heaven. Separated, Shuichiro becomes listless and loses his joy for his work, but it takes a return visit from his grandfather to poke him into figuring out why. Kohaku examines her feelings for Shuichiro from afar, misusing heavenly powers to spy on Shuichiro from above. Within this volume, we also get two short background stories on Kouryuu, demon at large, and the tale of Hisui and Kokuyou’s romance before arriving on Earth.

The number of beings running around may seem confusing, but each character allows for the infectious mix of teasing humor and pathos that CLAMP excels at. I remember thinking with this volume that I had somehow expected Wish to be a simple series — it seems simple enough as a premise — but by this volume I realized I was in for a lot more complications, and heartstring tugging, than I was expecting.

Wish Volume 3
ISBN: 9781591820611
Tokyopop, 2002

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