Wish, vol. 1

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An angel, Kohaku, is rescued from being tangled in a tree by an unsuspecting but chivalrous doctor, Shuichiro. Once freed, Kohaku proclaims that Shuichiro can have a wish granted for lending her aid. Unfortunately, Shuichiro cannot think of a single thing he wants or needs. Thwarted in her act of goodwill and reciprocation, Kohaku is a bit thrown. Unsure of what else to do, she decides to stay with Shuichiro until he discovers whatever it is he wishes for. Shuichiro is puzzled but enchanted by his new houseguest, and grows quite fond of her naive exploration of his life and interests.

Kohaku’s decision, of course, has repercussions. She was sent to earth on a mission to discover the whereabouts of one of the archangels, Hisui, missing from Heaven and like a parent to Kohaku. While distracted by Shuichiro, she leaves that mission aside. Enter Kouryuu, a demon fond of bullying Kohaku who is intrigued by Kohaku’s sudden interest in a human man and desperate to know her business on Earth. Everything comes to a head when, during one particularly snotty attack, the sought after Hisui appears to save Kohaku from Kouryuu. Hisui is forced to admit her reason for abandoning Heaven and her duties — she has fallen in love with Kokuyou, the only son of the Demon King of Hell. Kokuyou was discomfited to find himself equally smitten with Hisui, but couldn’t help but follow his heart. Their transgressions will strip them of their homes and they’ve both settled on Earth as the only place where they can be together, but they can only escape both God and the Demon King’s notice for so long.

Wish Volume 1
ISBN: 9781591820345
Tokyopop, 2002

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