Fake, vol. 7

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Fake‘s final volume starts out with Dee and Ryo being dragged into an FBI witness protection case — their witness being an informant on the mob who also just happens to be the wife of Ryo’s parents’ killer. Neither partner is looking forward to the work, especially as the wife seems to be up to quite a bit more scheming than usual for an innocent witness. The one nice part of the case is reteaming with the high-energy and blunt Special Agent Diana Spacey. In getting reacquainted, Diana casually asks just how far Ryo’s progressed with Dee, and when Ryo blushingly admits to only kisses, she’s astounded. Knowing a bit about pining herself, she gives Ryo a good kick in the pants and warns him if he doesn’t figure himself out, all he’ll be doing is breaking Dee’s spirit and heart slowly instead of showing Dee the honesty he deserves. Ryo strains to maintain balance as he’s confronted once again by his parents’ murderer, but in the end he finds himself in Dee’s comforting embrace, acknowledging at least that side of his heart. Will he backpeddle the morning after, or will Dee finally get his heart’s desire? As they work through their case, the very twisted example of love and loyalty at its climax jolts both into realizing that the time has come to admit their feelings (finally, amid the cheers of readers everywhere).

As a finish for the series, this volume is a fine achievement, though any fans of Bikky and Carol will be disappointed at their absence. The sex is more explicit than a traditional teen manga, and thus why this series is for adults and older teens, but it’s also sweet and passionate, as anyone with an ounce of schmoopiness wants it to be. This volume also features Dee giving one of the sweetest and most jumbled confessions of love I’ve seen, which makes him, and it, all the more convincing.

Fake Volume 7
ISBN: 9781591823322
By Sanami Matoh
Tokyopop 2004

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