Fake, vol. 5

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The fifth volume marks a darker chapter– all is not wine and roses. A case lands on our pair’s plate that at first appears routine, if a bit gruesome ø a couple murdered in their home, no immediate motive, no leads to the perp. Triggers start to sound for Ryo, though, and while he appears normal on the surface, Dee senses something is seriously wrong with his partner. With a little investigation of his own, Dee pieces together enough to realize that this case is a mirror of Ryo’s own parents’ murders, down to the weapon and M.O. Ryo, out of control with rage and grief, gets a chance to confront his parents’ killer with only Dee and a wavering sense of right and wrong to keep him from a very tempting retribution. In the aftermath of that disastrous meeting, Ryo breaks down and attempts to blank out his actions and take comfort in Dee’s arms, but for all the wrong reasons–can Dee resist the offer of everything he’s been waiting so to have? This volume also offers a welcome focus on J.J. which shows him to be a lot more than Dee’s ardent shadow–we finally see him as a principled and decent cop who faces the sudden shift of loyalties in his old partner and friend with understanding, regret and grace.

Fake Volume 5
ISBN: 9781591823308
By Sanami Matoh
Tokyopop 2004

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