Fake, vol. 4

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The fourth installment, pardon the bad pun, starts out with a bang, literally. A bomber is threatening Bikky’s school, but without any warning or logic that the police can piece together. Nothing is ever simple for Dee and Ryo–they end up tracking down a trail of vendettas and past crimes, all the while worried for Bikky’s safety. They soon realize the bomber is playing a game with them and struggle to figure out his true purpose before anyone else gets hurt. Despite all efforts, all too soon a wounded Dee and panicked Bikky are caught inside a building set to blow. In the fallout, Ryo finally shows Dee just how much he cares about him (though, of course, confirmation is fleeting), but the perpetrator behind the bombings is not going to let them get out of danger quite so easily.

This volume also features a shorter and highly amusing vignette in which Dee, sick as a dog, attempts to go home but can’t help but do a good deed that only manages to make him more ill. In his fevered state, we finally get a glimpse of the tenderness Dee’s bluster covers ΓΈ as much as he steals kisses from Ryo whenever he can get them, he wants more from Ryo than just a roll in the hay. The romantic in me gave a big ol’ sigh and started rooting in earnest for Dee to get his wish. This also marks the difference between this series and the attitude of other recent shonen-ai titles like Gravitation–in this tale, you actually cheer for the characters to get together rather than wondering what the lovesick fool sees in the cruel and distant object of his affection.

Fake Volume 4
ISBN: 9781591823292
By Sanami Matoh
Tokyopop 2003

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