Fake, vol. 2

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Volume two finds Dee and Ryo taking a much needed vacation in England. Dee has anticipated the ultimate seduction — candles, wine, moonlight — until pesky Bikky and Carol crash the party (as they are wont to do) and Ryo stumbles across a corpse. At first content to leave matters to the local police, the two detectives are inevitably drawn into the case. Just who was that alluring man Ryo spotted the night of the crime, much to Dee’s jealous dismay? Add lovesick J.J. into the mix and it’s bound to get complicated — and funny. This first tale involves ghosts, racial prejudice, and a lot of good-natured squabbling among the “family” forming between Dee, Ryo, Bikky, and Carol. Also arriving on the scene is Berkeley Rose, the sly and calculating superior who throws a wrench in the works by pursuing Ryo almost as relentlessly as Dee, putting Dee on the offensive and confusing poor Ryo even more.In later stories, we get some illuminating insight into Dee’s childhood when his guardian is attacked. Dee’s struggle with justice and vengeance is elegantly done, the anger bleeding into his personal life showing the pressures cops endure enforcing and bending the law. A sweet finish comes in the form of a window into Bikky and Carol’s budding relationship. This volume remains one of my favorites, despite some unsettlingly forceful pouncing on Dee’s part.

Fake Volume 2
ISBN: 9781591823278
By Sanami Matoh
Tokyopop 2003

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