Scion, vol. 3: Divided Loyalties

Monday, September 1, 2003  By  Robin     No comments

Ethan’s world is getting both more complicated and simpler at once. As he flees North to escape his enemies, accompanied by the daughter of the Raven Clan Ashleigh, he is faced with the inhuman experiments and cruelty that his own society has risen on. Despite all his work to assist the resistance among the genetically engineered lower classes, Ethan cannot take back trespasses already achieved against nature. The assassin-turned rebel Exeter is a capable if volatile ally, but Ethan and Ashleigh need to find a greater ally to help them turn the tide of the war now raging in both their lands. Ashleigh and Ethan begin to realize that despite all the forces that may eventually keep them apart, their growing desire and love cannot be ignored easily. At both war camps, betrayal and intrigue unsettle the best-laid plans and Ethan’s apparent abadonment of battlefield gives the Heron clan more worry than hope. Can Ethan and Ashleigh find a way to prevent the carnage looming on the horizon?

Scion, vol. 3: Divided Loyalties
ISBN: 1931484260
by Ron Marz
Art by Jim Cheung, Don Hillsman II, Justin Ponsor, and Troy Peteri
CrossGen 2002

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