Red Star, vol. 2: Nokgorka

Saturday, February 1, 2003  By  Robin     No comments

The audacity of reworking Russian history and filling it with technology-driven sorcery and mythological destinies still wows me when I consider Red Star–the authority and brilliance with which Team Red Star does leaves me gasping. We return to the world of the United Republics of the Red Star to find the once great now corrupt government falling apart internally while fighting a fruitless war against the rebellious and feverishly insular people of N0kgorka. As Sorceress-Commander Maya Antares and her remaining allies struggle to find reasons to obey their orders from above, a fourteen year-old member of the Al’Istanni resistance, the fearless Makita, stalks the remaining soldiers through the ruins if her city. The loss of her closest friend drives Maya into the smoking remains of the city, with Makita soon picking up her trail–what neither of them knows is that the greater spirits behind the battleground have far different plans than either one expects. Once again, the combination of traditional illustration techniques and computer-generated environments blends into a vivid iconic style that remains to be matched. The detail and the blend of history into the writing is just as remarkable.

Red Star, vol. 2: Nokgorka
ISBN: 097147141X
by Christian Gossett and Bradley Kayl
Art by Christian Gossett, Snakebite, Paul Schrier, and Richard Starkings
Archangel Studios 2002

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