Crux, vol. 1: Atlantis Rising

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Taking off from popluar mythology concerning Atlantis, Crux follows the idea that the mthyical Atlanteans, much more knowledgable and powerful than their Greek neighbors, were both eons beyond the human race and sent to Earth as humanity’s protectors. As this tale unfolds, however, that traditional story takes a few unexpected twists. Thousands of years ago, Atlantis itself was divided — many decided to “ascend” to a higher plane and abandon their stewardship of Earth, while the rest held to the duty to guard the child-like race. That very ascension, however, caused Atlantis and it’s remaining inhabitants to be drowned under an ocean. Now, thousands of years in our future, leader Capricia, and a few of her choosing, have been awoken into a barren and destroyed landscape by a mysterious and magical figure. Confused and following blindly their calling to protect humanity, the group tries to uncover the past events that have led to Earth’s abandonment. I was especially impressed by Waid’s ability to balance the main characters’ warrior training with their memories and the uncertainty of their future in such an alien environment — their loss, fear, instinct, and confusion are all palpable throughout the book. The cinematic artwork glows on every page, defining an Atlantis only dreamed of contrasted with the ruin of our own civilization.

Crux, vol. 1: Atlantis Rising
ISBN: 1931484147
by Mark Waid
Art by Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Frank D’Armata, Paul Pelletier, Mark Farmer, Dean White, Dave Lanphear
CrossGen 2001

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