Scion, vol. 2: Blood for Blood

Thursday, August 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

In this second volume of Scion, young Prince Ethan, having escaped his enemy’s overzealous vengeance, once again walks into danger. He has lost a beloved brother and the heir to the throne at the hands of the same man he originally set out to appease. Grief-stricken and enraged, Ethan sets out against his family’s wishes, this time as the avenger. Heading for enemy shores to kill the man who took his brother’s life, Ethan’s approaching threat stirs up family tensions within the Raven clan. As the tension mounts, loyalties are forged and broken as powerful new players with their own agendas enter the field.

Scion, vol. 2: Blood for Blood
ISBN: 1931484082
by Ron Marz
Art by Jim Cheung
CrossGen 2002

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