Scion, vol. 1: Conflict of Conscience

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Rivals clans locked into peace by ancient ritual, an underground resistance, and a chivalric code to rival the Round Table’s. Add to that genetically engineered slaves, computer-controlled dragons, and electronic armor, and you have Scion. This tale artfully combines court intrigue with the technology of the most advanced science fiction. This first part follows the destiny of Ethan, the youngest prince of the Heron clan. For centuries war has been avoided through ritualized man-to-man combat, and Ethan is exhilerated to finally get his chance to represent his family against their hated enemy, the Raven clan. Due to an unexpected magical mark (or is it a curse?), Ethan unintentionally breaks the rules of combat and single-handedly brings about true war. He submits to his enemy’s punishment only to be drawn into a far greater scheme that cannot be solved by a single man’s will for peace. Marked like all of Crossgen’s titles with excellent artwork, jewel-tone colors, and snappy dialog, Conflict of Conscience is a great start on what promises to be an epic fantasy worth waiting for.

Scion, vol. 1: Conflict of Conscience
ISBN: 1931484023
by Ron Marz
Art by Jim Cheung
CrossGen 2002

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