Meridian, vol. 3: Taking the Skies

Thursday, August 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

In this third volume of Crossgen’s epic fantasy, the tale shifts into a higher gear. Sephie is growing ever stronger, testing her new powers and blossoming into the leader her father knew she could be. As she grows more confident, however, the dangers she faces gain complexity and fierceness. Particularly intriguing about Meridian as a whole is that the conflict takes on the realistic focus on the control of trade è as a historian friend of mine always says, more wars have been caused by economic conflict than anything else. As Sephie declares her independence and attacks her Uncle’s forces more directly, Sephie also realizes that despite her great powers, war by its very nature leads to tragedy even she cannot prevent.

Meridian, vol. 3: Taking the Skies
ISBN: 193148421X
by Barbara Kesel
Art by Steve McNiven and Tom Simmons
CrossGen 2002

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