Dark Angel: The Path to Destiny, vol. 1

Thursday, August 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

Dark has been learning under the master swordsman and guardian, the Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix, for three years. Although he’s convinced he still has much to learn, his teacher decides that Dark has learned all he can teach him. His master provokes Dark into a testing, intentionally fatal fight. Dark, suddenly burdened with having slain his beloved teacher, knows only that he is now the Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix and must make his way to a far city to claim his destiny. Though he has a spirit guide, Kyo, to aid him, he unwittingly offends his fellow guardians. They have no idea he is the next in the Red Phoenix line. They come out ready to fight, only asking questions later. An elegant and energetic work, this manga title is impressive for its combination of dramatic fighting intercut with the stories behind the fighting.

Dark Angel: The Path to Destiny, vol. 1
ISBN: 1562199277
by Kia Asimiya
Central Park Media Corp 2000

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