The Man Who Grew Young

Monday, July 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

This is one of those rare fantasies, a “what if?” scenario, that sticks to its potentially cliched idea is a compelling and imaginative way. The idea: instead of time moving forward, and the world and people aging and dying, what if we all grew younger with each passing day and the world returned to its own past? Instead of simply running this idea on the surface, author Daniel Quinn really considered what it might be like–waking people from their graves with celebration, returning to the earth the fossil fuels suddenly renewed from fire, and abandoning noisome cars for the simpler horse and buggy? Our hero is a man who does not grow young, does not change at all, and in a world where everyone has the certainty of returning to their mother, is searching the ages for a mother he has no memory of or connection to. Simply drawn and elegantly told, this is a wonderful voyage of imagination and alternatives.

The Man Who Grew Young
ISBN: 1893956172
By Daniel Quinn
Art by Tim Eldred
Context Books 2001

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