Meridian, vol. 2: Going to Ground

Monday, July 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

In my last update I introduced you all to Meridian and the world of Sephie, Minister, girl, and rebellion leader. In Going to Ground, Sephie realizes that though she desperately wants to return to Meridian immediately, in order to defend it she will need plans and allies. In a world where the elite hover miles above the poisoned ground, Sephie begins to see that the teachings of the upper world, that the lower ground is barren and wretched, is far from true. In fact, these lands may hold the key to her victory. As she makes new friends, her family and friends attempt to recreate their lost home on a new island.

In this volume, the artwork varies as each new artist takes up their tools, but the overall impression is still colorful and exciting. This tale concentrates on Sephie, her family’s history, and her new-found powers, and the threads of the battle she must wage are beginning to come together.

Meridian, vol. 2: Going to Ground
ISBN: 1931484090
By Barbara Kesel
Art by Tom Simmons, Morry Hollowell, and Steve McNiven
CrossGen Comics 2002

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