Batman: Dark Knight Destiny

Monday, July 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

You’re probably looking at this cover and wondering: who is that woman? Does Batgirl have a new costume? All right, so maybe you’re better informed than I am and you know exactly what’s going on. I thought that when I first saw this cover.

Despite appearance, no, Batgirl has not added gold to her wardrobe–this title is one of the many Elseworlds titles that DC Comics releases periodically, inviting their writers and artists to take their favorite characters and tweak their stories. Allowing the creators to think outside the classics stories’ lines has led to some excellent topsy-turvy ideas. In this case, we are introduced to three Bat-men fighting the same immortal villain in three different times: one a knight of the Crusades, one a variation on the modern Bruce Wayne, and one a daughter of the Wayne line in the far future. Each segment manages to remain faithful to the Wayne spirit, so to speak, but also plays with the well-known tropes we all love. The artwork shifts beautifully to suit each age. I can’t resist a tale that helps me consider about a familiar tale in a new suit – just what would it be like if Batman were Batwoman?

Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty
ISBN: 9781563893902
by Mike W. Barr
Art by Gary Frank and Cam Smith
DC Comics 1998

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