Alison Dare, vol. 1: Little Miss Adventures

Monday, July 1, 2002  By  Robin     No comments

  If this book were a movie pitch, I’d have to say that Alison Dare’s story is the recent reincarnation of The Mummy crossed with Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones were a twelve-year old girl. In slick black and white, J. Torres and J. Jones introduce us to the intelligent, adventure-obsessed Alison Dare, daughter of an archaeologist mother and a librarian/superhero father. Despite her parents attempt to keep Alison reined in a bit by sending her to a boarding school, she and her two buddies still manage to get into their fair share of trouble. Her various and sundry adventuresome relatives are always around to come to the rescue, however, and these infectious tales of adventure and romance revel in the traditions of classic serial adventures. Despite appearances, however, all is not fabulous in Alison’s life–her parents are divorced and the instances that remind her of this painful reality are subtle and feeling. Although this title skews toward a younger audience, I say it’s fit and fun for all–who doesn’t need a witty archeologist-in-training bent on adventure in their life?

Alison Dare, vol. 1: Little Miss Adventures
ISBN: 9780887769344
By J. Torres
Art by J. Jones
Tundra Books, 2010 (second edition)

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