Akiko, vol. 1 (pocket size)

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From the outside, Akiko is certainly a normal 4th grader. She goes to school, plays with her friends, and helps out when she can. Of course, her friends happen to be aliens from the planet Smoo, and by helping out, she is put in charge of a rescue mission to save the kidnapped Crown Prince from the clutches of the evil Alia Rellapor. Along for the ride are her frequent companions, the fastidious Beeba, and the reckless but brave Spuckler. From the moment she takes off from her home (a robot replica takes her place), Akiko and her friends careen from clue to clue and uncharted territory on the trail of the Prince. Well, they meant to be on the trail of the Prince, but are waylaid but problems with their ship, then a gigantic sea creature, and then little tiny people. You’ll see. This is the first in 4 volumes of graphic novels following Akiko’s adventures, but there were also 4 books (yes, actual books!) before this series. I recommend you read them all!

Akiko, vol. 1 (pocket size)
ISBN: 1579890423
by Mark Crilley

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