A Distant Soil, vol. 1-3

Tuesday, May 1, 2001  By  Robin     No comments

Aliens are about to attack! The only ones who can save us are a motley band of humans! I can hear you all saying, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.” Ha! Collen Doran’s great trick is to take a classic plot from seemingly every sci-fi novel known to man and make it new, exciting, and not just a little bit funny! Yes, there are the usual trappings of sci-fi — advanced societies gone horribly wrong, reluctant heroes, psionic powers, political intrigue, and battles in space. Embrace the sci-fi space opera (you know you love it) and you’ll find yourself sucked in to an epic full of laugh-out-loud humor, love, revenge, and loyalty.

A Distant Soil
By Colleen Doran
Vol. 1: The Gathering: ISBN: 9781887279512
Vol. 2: The Ascendant: ISBN: 9781582400181
Vol. 3: The Aria: ISBN: 9781582402017
Image Comics 2001

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