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Perhaps it is appropriate to the story that some of the plotting of Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose’s Sacrifice is muddled and leads to confusion. After all, it’s a story about how one suicidal teenager’s epilepsy catapults him into the…

Finder: Talisman

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Marcie: “It’s not fair!” Lynne: “So? So? Look, Mars. This is not soccer. This is dealing with people who have power over you… There are no rules and there is no ‘fair.’” Marcie: “But…” Lynne: “If you want your book,…

Briony Hatch

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The end of her favorite paranormal romance series coincidentally sparks the beginning of a new phase in Briony Hatch’s life. Previously, her day-to-day routine consisted of following around her popular, unkind childhood friend Julia and fantasizing about being Starling Black,…