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Bubblegum Crash: Total Crash Collection


Bubblegum Crash is a three-part continuation of the eight-episode series Bubblegum Crisis. Both series are distributed by AnimEigo. In the year 2034, humans are becoming accustomed to the use of Boomers, androids with various abilities and functions that assist with human tasks.…

Trigun Maximum Omnibus, vol.1


Trigun Maximum can best be described using the line of text on its contents page: “DEEP SPACE PLANET FUTURE GUN ACTION!!” The series includes lots of over-the-top, gunslingin’ action, with machines and weapons advanced far beyond what the Wild West-style setting suggests, coupled with a large…

A Bride’s Story, vol. 5


The series A Bride’s Story represents “life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road,” according to the publisher’s blurb. The reader travels with an English researcher, Henry Smith, a bespectacled nice guy who asks awkward questions and takes copious notes in his journals. This allows…