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Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice cover image

Including one of the most famous opening lines in English literature, a compelling story of love and society complete with a host of vivid characters, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is mandatory school reading and graces bookshelves worldwide. Yet, many cannot endure…

Tintin: The Art of Hergé

Tintin the Art of Herge cover image

Abrams has a long history as one of the best art book publishers in the country. Their ComicArts endeavor continues the tradition of excellence with many stunning reprints of obscure collections (the Horror! the Horror!) as well as original graphic…

Mouse Guard, vol. 3: The Black Axe

Mouse Guard Black Axe cover image

Mouse Guard, vol. 3:The Black Axe gathers David Petersen’s well-written and superbly illustrated, six-part limited series of the same name, reprints the “Free Comic Book Day” story as a prologue, includes a twenty-two page section of maps, and starts things…