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An Age of License


In Age of License, author/artist Lucy Knisley explores a more introspective, intimate territory than some of her previous works. Family relationships are a major theme in books such as Relish, French Milk, and Displacement. In the case of An Age…

Womanthology: Heroic

Womanthology cover image

Womanthology is an anthology graphic novel produced by an all-female team of over 150 contributors. It is a great example of how one little tweet can balloon into an inspirational project, affecting not only those who participated and supported the…

The Curse of Dracula

Curse of Dracula cover image

Before The Curse of Dracula, author, Marv Wolfman, and artist, Gene Colan, had already made a significant contribution to vampires in popular culture. In the 1970’s, they worked together on Marvel’s long-running horror comic, The Tomb of Dracula, in which…