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Moyoco Anno is a big name in the manga industry. Notable titles such as Sugar Sugar Rune and Happy Mania have delighted and challenged her audiences. In Sakuran, Anno gives us an intimate look into the life of an Oiran, or courtesan,…

Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sets 1-3


Produced in the mid-nineties and based on the manga of the same name, Revolutionary Girl Utena is usually considered a “Magical Girl” anime series. The series even shares its director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, with the iconic Sailor Moon—but the similarities end there.…

Blood Lad, vols. 1-4


Staz Charlie Blood is a vampire descended from a noble family. His heritage awards him great strength, which he has used to become a territory boss for the East Demon World. Regardless, none of these things particularly interest Staz; pop culture and video…