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Our story opens on a desolate, mountain landscape where we meet Zora, discouraged, scared, and alone. Then she meets Broxo. He claims to be a king, but he looks — and acts — like a barbarian boy to Princess Zora.…

Bird & Squirrel: On the run

bird and squirrel

James Burks’ wild and wacky sense of humor gets full play in this heartwarming story of friendship, fear, and nasty cats. The story begins on a beautiful day, when the flight-loving, ever optimistic Bird meets neurotic Squirrel. Right away, we…

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule!


In Jimmy Gownley’s introduction to Buzzboy, he says, “to make serious art does not mean that you have to take art seriously.” John Gallagher has created some pretty impressive comic art – and it’s fun! Buzzboy, a sidekick with a…