Questions for Robin

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    Can I link to this website?

    Sure! Let me know where you're linking from with a quick email.

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    Will you link to my website?

    I try to keep my links to a minimum. Right now I keep the links on my site to websites/blogs about comics, graphic novels, and manga that are particularly fun or useful to my readers. At the moment I do not link to retailers, creators, or publishers on the main site. I may well mention sites in my blog, so feel free to send me an email to let me know your site exists, but I can't guarantee that I'll link to it.

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    Would you recommend titles for me to read?

    Sure! But before you ask, consider what you like to read/watch. I need to know what interests you in stories, and then I'm happy to recommend titles for you to try. Once you've got a good sense of what you like and why, fill out this form and I'll let you know what we come up with for you!

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    Would you take a look at my graphic novel/comic in progress?

    While I'm happy to see new work, I must limit what I can accept to look at to items I can review. I cannot take a look at works in progress, though I can look at Advance Reader Copies provided publication in final form is imminent. I have zero clout with publishers or anything to do with the publication process, so if you want to see about getting your work published, please check with the folks that know -- the publishers at conventions doing portfolio reviews, and the creators that have been through the process. They're your best resource. And good luck!

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    Can you help me breaking into comics writing/drawing/creation?

    I fear I cannot. While over the years I've had the great pleasure to meet many lovely folks within the comics industry, I do not have any connections to the actual publishing process nor do I have any experience of going through the process myself.

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    Why haven't you reviewed this title yet?

    Most likely the answer is we just haven't gotten to it yet. My full-time library job and various other commitments cut down on my reading time (pesky work!) as it does with most of my reviewers. If there's a title you really want to hear about, feel free to email me and ask about it. I maybe have read it and not quite gotten to writing the review yet, or I may have a reviewer already working on it.

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    Do you think it's strange for girls to like and read comics?

    Since I am one, not at all! I'm weird for many reasons (and proud of it!), but I don't think the fact that I like comics is one of them. Most of my friends, both younger, my age, and my professional librarian friends, who like graphic novels are women. I think there's the stereotype that only guys like comics, or are comics geeks, but in my experience that's an outdated view. There's no question that the main audience, and most of the creators, of U.S. comics were and are male, mostly teen and adult men. That doesn't mean that women haven't read comics all along, though, and more and more are breaking into the industry, so there's definite hope for more equal representation in the future. Let your comics geek flag fly!

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    What are your credentials? What makes you qualified to run this site?

    First off, here's my official CV. In my work in libraries and as a Teen Librarian for more than a decade, I've read and discussed graphic novels with teens, librarians, and various experts in the format. I've developed a strong sense of the format and its place in libraries for everyone from kids to teens to adults. Please email me if you have any more specific questions about my position or qualifications.

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    How did you get involved with comics and libraries?

    I had seen graphic novels before (I went to high school when many were reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman) and I had even read a few (Maus, a less than stellar adaptation of Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat). I had read comics, of course, plowing through Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield and Archie. I had never, however, had anyone tell me they were either worth reading or that these individual books were, in fact, comics or graphic novels. Once I figured out the format, I was astounded no one had ever told me about them before -- I was an artist and a writer who grew up wanting to be a Disney animator and write retellings of fairy tales. Graphic novels and comics are a natural fit for my interests, but no one had ever suggested I investigate the format.

    As soon as I started reading, I fell in love. Being a librarian, I then proceeded to research all I could about the format and read as much as I could get my hands on. I found more to like with every book, and my own ability to read sequential art increased. Soon I realized that though there were many librarians out there who embraced and advocated for the format, there was still a lot of work to be done. I wanted to contribute, and the best way I could think of was telling people about my interest, understanding, and love for the format.

    I was assigned to create a Readers' Advisory website for my Young Adult Literature class while getting my Masters degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. I knew as soon as I saw the assignment that I wanted to create a website reviewing and advocating for graphic novels for teens, first, but with an eye toward expansion into whatever might be needed in the future. And now, here I am, five years later, with three sister sites. It's all a bit surreal to me, as it started out as a very enthusiastic personal project, but I'm delighted to represent librarians and graphic novels as much as I can.

  • Patrice Pearsall

    Hi, I would like to join GN4lib

    • Snow

      Hello, Patrice! Thanks for stopping by NFNT! GN4Lib is a terrific listserv and we encourage all librarians to join. You can go to to sign up. We look forward to seeing you on the listserv!

  • Meredith

    Hi – I found your website after reading your bio on the Boston Book Fest presenters page. I would love to bring my son to see or meet you. Are you planning a workshop when you are there, or planning to attend to meet readers?