On Manga and Anime

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    Is manga really that popular?

    Among teenagers, yes. In a recent survey I conducted on my own site, over 60% of my tween/teen readers ONLY read manga, while another 30% read both manga and Western/U.S. comics, and only 10% only read Western comics. For better or worse, right now teens are very stuck on manga. It's a great medium, so it's not a bad thing, and for a lot of girls it provides stories that they don't find in traditional Western comics.

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    Can I get anime to show at my library club meetings?

    Yes! Right now, Funimation's Operation Anime is the one-stop shop for anime and manga clubs across the country. The staff is friendly and immediately responsive, and they are one of the biggest anime distributors around, so you're bound to find titles appropriate for your club.

    Operation Anime
    FUNimation provides a selection of popular anime DVDs to club members and special offers for club members including discounts on FUNimation's catalog of titles. Club membership also allows for screening of any FUNimation title, provided the club leader requests permission in advance.

    Club members must fill out a survey accompanying title, club must have at least 20 members to be eligible for participation. Screenings must be limited to club members and must be free of charge. The Club gets to keep DVD for either club use or to add to the library or school's collection. This program has great customer service, responds to screening requests arrives in a few days to a week, and new titles are added to the club offerings promptly and periodically. Titles don't arrive automatically -- you must request them.

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    How do I request screening permissions for my manga/anime club?

    The most up-to-date and convenient guide on how to request screening permissions for anime titles is by the lovely folks over at The Right Stuf (an anime/manga online shop). Check out their Screening Permission Guide.

    For a wonderful library-centric article on the ins and outs of running a manga and anime club at the library, check out The Anime-ted Library from VOYA, co-authored by my colleagues Kat Kan and Kristin Fletcher-Spear.

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    What kinds of events could I do in my manga/anime club?

    There are a wide variety of programs that can be a part of manga and anime club activities. Here are some events and program examples to get your ideas flowing!

    Anime Conventions at your library (from Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe)
    How to Make Candy Sushi: A Photo Tutorial
    Mooresville Public Library Anime Club Blog (check out their activities!)
    Teen Art Show, Manga & Anime Inspired (at Brookline Public Library)
    Example: Art Show rules (PDF)
    Example: Art Show Poster (PDF)
    Manga History & Timeline Display (part of Art Show)

    Photos/Events at Libraries
    Making Bento Workshop
    Death Note Party
    (all at Brookline Public Library)