Can I use…

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    Positive Negative of your articles for a class or workshop I'm presenting?

    Thanks for asking! Generally, the answer is yes. Please do email me at robin at to ask permission, though, as some articles may need to be approved through the publisher rather than me. Plus, I like to know where my articles are being used!

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    ...part of your book, Understanding Manga and Anime?

    Thanks for asking! This request has to go through my publisher, Libraries Unlimited, and Greenwood, their parent company. If you're seeking permission to publish part of the text, please fill out the Publication Permission Form here. If you're an educator, please use the same Publication Permission form. If you have any other questions, please contact the Permission department at permissions at

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    ...your "what kind of manga character are you" images for a flyer, workshop or event?

    Yes, please do. Do shoot me an email at robin at to let me know you're using them.

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    Positive Negative of the reviews published on this site?

    Thanks for checking in with us. All original material is copyright (c) the original review author on this site. Any review reproduced from this site MUST include a reference back to the site (preferably a link back), author credit, and the original publication date. Please drop Robin a line at robin at to officially request permission and let us know where the review is being reposted.