Write for us

At this time, we are no longer seeking professional reviewers for the site.  I apologize to those who are interested, but right now, we’re all set for staff writers!

If you’re a teen graphic novel, manga or anime fan looking for experience writing reviews, consider reviewing here!

Before you officially apply, please be aware that we are only accept applications from working librarians or library school students on their way to professional work OR from teens interested in starting out as one of our teen reviewers.  In order to keep the perspective of this site consistent and unique, we are keeping our review staff limited in this way for the current time.

What we can offer:

  • physical and/or digital review copies of titles
  • A chance to write for a professionally recognized review source

What we can’t offer (at least not yet!):

  • Payment for reviews (other than review copies)

If this all sounds good to you, please follow the links below:

IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL LIBRARIAN OR LIBRARY SCHOOL STUDENT, click here to fill out our professional reviewer application.

IF YOU ARE A TEEN, click here to fill out our teen reviewer application.

Staff Links

To submit your reviews, please visit our Staff Guide and review submission forms.  These forms are password protected and should only be used by NFNT staff.

  • Heather

    It seems the link to the professional reviewer application is on the fritz. Is there another way I can apply? Thanks so much!

    • Robin

      Hello Heather! Thanks for your interest in applying to be a reviewer but, actually, right now we have a full staff! Thus we are not accepting applications at this time. I’ll definitely post if we start accepting reviewer applications again.

      Updated to say: I’ve just edited the page so it’s not so confusing. I apologize for the misleading information on the page itself!