What’s Making Us Happy This Week!


ADTWO15In what may be the most morose Happy of all time, I’m really glad Hyperbole and a Half has updated for the first time in over a year. Allie’s last post before disappearing was a very frank discussion of the onset of a serious depressive period, which made her absence both understandable and troubling. Her new post makes it clear that she hasn’t found some magical cure but may be on the mend. It’s amazing how a blog can trick you into thinking of someone as a good friend, even though you have to double-check their name and can only picture them as a weird MS Paint stick person.



I was happy that I had 150 kids and teens show up for my inaugural Free Comic Book Day/Star Wars Day Extravaganza at my library!  I gave away all my comics, and we watched all 6 hours of the original trilogy.  By the end of the day I was so jacked up on popcorn and sugar, I never thought I’d fall asleep.  :)


Matt M.

I had vacation with Dallas Comic Con smack dab in the middle of it. :)



This five-minute preview of Makoto Shinkai’s new animated feature “Garden of Words” makes me want to slip into the rainy, beautiful world he’s created.  As always seems to happen with his work, everything slows down–brain chatter, blood pressure–so I can focus on the imagery and the sound and the story.  And this one looks to be lovely.  I look forward to finding out where he takes it.