What’s Making Us Happy This Week


Hench-Man TitleI’m so excited!  I have a totally legit happy this week!!  My brother wrote the script for a comic, and he partnered with an artist in January.  They’ve been updating their blog with some funny games/surveys/”informational” posts from the perspective of characters.  However, they now have actual pages in color that they’ve posted.  It’s a darkly funny comic starring a henchman who has been keeping his identity secret from his family, until he’s the subject of a hit.  His family never knew that he was a “bad guy”, so there are some definite trust issues.  Anyway, the posts up until now have been fun with subjects like your henchman IQ, the Bieberpocalypse, how evil are you, and Henchmen Handbook excerpts.  However, I finally have permission to share, and I am, obviously, a proud little sister.  Check it out- Greg Wright and Rose McClain’s comic Hench-Man.


Okay, this may be old news to you all but a friend just sent me this gallery. It’s full of drawings of Star Wars characters as if they were starring in an ’80s high school movie and they’re hilariously perfect. As someone said in the comments, “these are not the nerds you’re looking for.”



I have been really happy this week reading the Army of Darkness comics.  I’ve been maxing out my Evil Dead/Army of Darkness DVDs this week after seeing the remake, and I realized I’d never read the Dynamite comic series!  It’s really funny and in the same spirit as the movie.  And, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness is a hoot!




I’m excited because I just got Injustice for my PS3.  I’m planning to play this evening and will report back.  I’m excited they got the voice actors from the cartoon and the reviews I’ve seen so far have been very positive.  Plus, I love anything with Harley Quinn.




If it’s not too late, I just heard the April 18th is the 75th Anniversary of Superman.  I’m sure many of us think 90% of his adventures aren’t as engaging as other titles and characters (he’s always been a little too Super), but let’s face it. Without Big Blue we just might not have comic books and graphic novels today.  Happy Birthday Supes!




As you all know, it’s been a tough week here in Boston with the attacks on the Boston Marathon on Monday.  What has made me happy this week, though, is seeing everyone come together to help, to remind each other of the good in humanity amid the fear and confusion and violence.  And, as I find is often the case, the comics community always reaches out in ways I can admire, like this wallpaper fundraiser from the webcomic JL8.  Well done, and we Bostonians very much appreciate all the shows of support from all over the world.