What’s Making Us Happy This Week


My happy is that I got pics of my pet rats “reading” Babymouse. And my copy of volume one only got a little nibbled in the process.

Ziva reads Babymouse


I finally started watching Adventure Time. I don’t know how I could have missed this, its so beautifully and wonderfully weird. I love it!



My happy for this week is that Off*beat will finally get its third volume, via the new Chromatic Press from once-Tokyopop-editor-extraordinaire Lillian Diaz-Pyrzbyl!  Weeeeeeee!

Jen Lee Quick’s Off*beat was the most annoyingly left incomplete series by Tokyopop’s collapse, for me and many of my teen readers.

Brigid Alverson did a great interview with the Chromatic Press folks over here. And I’m just happy to have heard about it!





So, my happy this week is how much I’m enjoying being part of the Gender Through Comic Books Super MOOC!  I am really loving it!  And, these first two weeks I’m reading things I’ve never read before.  I really liked Strangers in Paradise which was awesome, and I can’t believe I haven’t read it before now.  And, due to my overwhelming love for Batman, there never was much room in my heart for Superman, but I’m happy to be reading him for the first time for this week’s lesson!


My happy is that, regardless of cutbacks at the University of Alberta, my online comic book course is a go — and it is almost full a week after registration opened. Happy dance.