What’s Making Us Happy This Week


For me, my happy is really simple.  Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon is out and I can finally make my library users read it!



I spent this morning curled up in my papasan chair with a warm cat on my lap, coffee cooling at my side, and volume 11 of Takehiko Inoue’s wonderful Real manga in my happy, happy hands.  I had constant goosebumps as I anxiously flipped the pages and cheered and talked excitedly to the characters (behavior which the cat kindly ignored).  *sigh*  Mmmmm, so good!



I bought a beautiful slipcase edition of Jodorowsky’s The Metabarons. Love Gimenez’s art.



I finally, finally, finally broke down and got the rest of Death Note: The Black Edition.  Somehow the size of these double-length volumes is just right.

Also, major props to our own Jack, who was my Emerald City Comicon spy and scored me the con-exclusive bonus card for the Machine of Death: The Game by webcomickers David Malki! of Wondermark and Kris Straub of Broodhollow.  I’ve spent entirely too much in helping fund this Kickstarter, and now the completist in me is tenting his fingers with an evil grin and murmuring “Ex—cellent.”