What’s Making Us Happy This Week


This week I’m happy that my manager took my reading suggestion of Kaoru Mori’s Bride’s Story and wrote this review for our library blog. On a related note, I’m also happy that volume four of Bride’s Story is due out soon!


I have two happys. The first is that the 6th generation of Pokemon was announced this Wednesday. It’s going to have a simultaneous worldwide release (so I’m not sitting jealous of Japan for 5 months) will be in 3D, the whole overworld  and batllefield are changed (for the better) and it seems like it’s going to be set in the Pokemon version of France. I cannot wait for October.  Here’s the trailer:

The other is the fact that Target had superhero stuff on clearance so now about half my socks are Batman/Superman/Spiderman/Avengers.


I’m happy Andrew’s spreading the Kaoru Mori love!

Also, I’m excited that Crunchyroll is streaming season two of the swell Chihayafuru!  More classical poetry to absorb, more quality writing and animation to appreciate, more great characters to support, and more inexplicably exciting karuta matches to watch in suspense.  🙂