What’s Making Us Happy This Week


I found a new comic called Superbia. It’s basically a “Real Housewives” show, but in comic form and with the wives or husbands of superheroes. It’s interesting and kind of a guilty pleasure comic. But I’m amused enough to keep reading.




After all this time, I finally got to read Crogan’s Vengeance, which was just as good as you all promised it would be, of course.  It was a fascinating story and had me giggling the whole way through.  Now I’m just waiting for Crogan’s March to come in from the Interlibrary Loan Dept.



Jennifer W.

I have, to my stunned surprise, actually found a graphic memoir that I love. Little White Duck by Na Liu. It was honest, informative, and written with a real understanding of and connection to childhood.




DONE. DONEDONEDONE. Dunnydone done done.


I’ve been completely AWOL ’cause library school decided to get all difficult.

But now it’s over and I can draw and read and review again!!!



This really fun comic of Stan Sakai explaining his upcoming hiatus to Usagi finally bumped Usagi Yojimbo up to the top of my to-read pile. It’s great stuff, even if it’s hard to reconcile it to the TMNT action figure that was my first introduction to the character.



I got the official notice from First Second that they’ll be publishing Tony Cliff’s fantastically wonderful Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. I know this isn’t new news, but it’s newly officially official and I’m ecstatic.