What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Jennifer W.

Faith Erin Hicks is serializing a new book online as a webcomic, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, after the manner of Friends with Boys. There are apparently robots. Squee!!!




My happy is that The Walking Dead is finally back next Sunday!  And, new webisodes, too?!?!  Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year (and my wedding anniversary), but The Walking Dead makes it that much better!  :). Here’s a link to the webisodes.




I was happy this week to celebrate Banned Books Week with taking mug shots for the library for all our librarians and patrons caught red-handed reading banned books!  My mug shot is perhaps a bit too cheerful, but I was glad to show support for Matt Loux’s Sidescrollers, recently challenged in Connecticut (check out the roundtable discussion over at School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids about the challenge.)




I’m happy about the 23-page preview Fantagraphics has made available for their upcoming release of Moto Hagio’s The Heart of Thomas.  I very much enjoyed A Drunken Dream and Other Stories and have been looking foward to reading one of her longer works.