What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Apologies for the delay!  Technical difficulties…


I’m really happy that my various panels are really shaping up for ALA Annual!  Through the work of the Graphic Novel Member Initiative Group (aka GN MIG), I’ve got panels on:

Plus on the Graphic Novel Stage, I get to participate in various panels (Eisner Judges, Women in Comics) and moderate others (interviewing Faith Erin Hicks, yay, and lead a Hunger Games reaping to demonstrate cosplay events (want to dress up?  Let me know here!)  Plus, on Friday night at ALAPlay, I’ll be able to try out some Doctor Who/steampunk cosplay I’ve been working on..

I may be dead on my feet by the end of this convention, but it’s going to be a blast while I’m doing it.  As every con should be, right?


THIS. This is making me happy:

(via The Mary Sue)

Though it is also making me rather manic about wanting to find the right Dr. Who outfit for ALA.  And the Lolita Avengers made me smile also.


I’m very happy this week.  We had a panel of graphic novelists come and talk to the local 7th graders about their work.  I think I was more excited about it than any of the kids!  Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Alison Cowell, and Britt Snyder all talked about their work, their path to becoming artists, and the processes they each use to create graphic novels.  It was kind of awesome.


My happy this week is a new comic I found. It’s called Morning Glories and I’d describe it as The Hunger Games meets Runaways meets Lost. It’s disturbing and confusing but in a really good way. I highly recommend it.


I’m happy about this animated trailer for the French edition of Beasts of Burden. It’s not original art and it’s fairly standard motion comic stuff, but it made me happen nonetheless. In a perfect world the Beasts of Burden would become our culture’s primary canine/feline paranormal investigators and Scooby-Doo would be relegated to the dustbin of history.