Survey: Fanworks & Libraries

I could think of no better accompaniment than Noelle Stevenson's Broship of the Ring anniversary image.

As part of my professional research, I am conducting a survey on the connections between fan works (including fan fiction, fan art, and fan videos), literacy, authorship, libraries, and storytelling.  And I want your input!

I am hoping to hear back from readers of all types, age ranges, and interests, from teens to librarians to beyond both of those groups.  This research will be presented at two different panel presentations, one at the American Library Association Annual Conference (June 2012) and one at the Young Adult Literature Symposium (October 2012.)

You can take the survey three ways: as a teen reader, as an adult reader, and as a librarian.  If you are both an adult reader and a librarian, take the survey twice (they are completely different questions, I assure you!).

If you’re filling out the survey from a personal computer, take the survey here!

With this link, one person can only fill out the survey ONCE at that computer.  This is what allows the survey system to remember the survey taker’s answers as they go.  So, don’t take it on a public or kiosk computer via this link.

If you ARE taking the survey in a computer lab, public library, or kiosk, and someone else has taken the survey before you, you CAN still take the survey here, BUT it will not be able to remember where you are, so give yourself a good half-hour or so to complete the entire survey in one go.

If any of you notice anything awry about the survey, or have any questions of concerns, please let me know ASAP by emailing me at robin (at) noflyingnotights (dot) com. I’d much prefer to address any issues or concerns promptly and head on.

Thanks very much!