TCAF 2012 Handouts

For those lucky folks who attended TCAF this past weekend and attended the two panels I participated in but unfortunately left without our useful handouts, here they are, conveniently downloadable in PDF.

From the Friday TCAF Librarian and Educator Day panel I presented, Graphic Novels in the Public Library 101/201, here are the handouts chock full of librarian strategies, core lists, and resources.

Librarians Communities and Resources TCAF 2012 (PDF)

Subject and Curriculum Connections Dec 2011 (PDF)

For those of you who attended or were curious about our Sunday Gay for You? Yaoi and Yuri Manga for GBLTQ Readers panel The whole panel was great fun and very informative, because the panelists were the most awesome Leyla Aker, Christopher Butcher (who took time out of running the entire show to be on our panel!), and Snow Wildsmith and because the audience, as expected, was ace.  Here is our updated handout of recommended titles for GBLTQ readers.  Please note that the yuri recommendations were updated by the indefatigable expert Erica Friedman, even though she could not be with us on the panel.

Gay for You TCAF 2012 (PDF)