The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

The Smurfs and the Magic FluteJohan and Peewit are friends. Peewit loves music and playing instruments, but to be frank, he is horrible. When a merchant comes into the kingdom to sell musical instruments, Johan and the King are swift to get him as far away from Peewit as possible, however a flute is left behind. Johan and the King try to burn the flute in a fire, but are unsuccessful and Peewit finds the flute. What nobody realizes is that it’s a magic flute, causing people to dance uncontrollably and eventually pass out. Once word gets around about the magic flute, a robber named Matthew Oilycreep steals the flute from Johan and Peewit. Frightful that it’s in the wrong hands, they search for months for Oilycreep with no luck, so they turn to a magician who tells Johan and Peewit that their best bet for finding the flute is to find the creators of the flute, the Smurfs! They meet the Smurfs and together are able to recover the magic flute.

While this is promoted as a Smurfs graphic novel, it should be noted that the Smurfs play a small role in the story. The dialogue between Johan, Peewit and the King is hilarious and resulted in a few laugh out loud moments. The Smurfs are charming and whimsical. The artwork is bright and colorful and the flow of the story is natural and smooth. Any story with the Smurfs will elicit a nostalgic feel, but this will also bring in new fans.

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute
by Yvan Delporte, Peyo
ISBN: 9781597072096
Papercutz, 2010