What’s Making Us Happy This Week


For me, it’s this:

Pure awesome. Plus, how much do I miss Michael Rosenbaum’s lovely face on my TV?  A LOT.


For me it’s the new Avengers Trailer:

Wow, this is looking like a really great Avengers story (and I’ve read a lot of ’em).


I’m happy about this shirt I snagged from TeeFury. It will make me even more happy when it actually shows up!





The new trailer for Brave is making me very sad this week…but only because the movie looks AWESOME and I want it released YESTERDAY.

Plus, related to the Brave trailer, Amy Mebberson’s Pocket Princesses #5 really did make me smile.



Why not keep Yootoobin?  It seems lately I’ve been using everyone else’s to make myself happy and not having much I’ve found myself.  But then this gem came up:  The Masters of Comic Art.  Made in 1987 (and it shows!), the entire documentary which features interviews with Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Frank Miller, Art Spiegelman and others.

…and Harlan Ellison, the interviewer, for once in my lifetime, doesn’t annoy me!  I’ve seen old ads to buy this on VHS, but never saw it, and it’s now all on YouTube.


I got a chance to interview Brian K. Vaughan for NFNT at Image Expo last weekend, and that filled me with enough happiness to last about a month.  He’s a class-act: kind, smart, and welcoming to fans.  Look for the interview to hit the site next week!