What’s Making Us Happy This Week


News that all four seasons of Natsume’s Book of Friends have been licensed for North American DVD release makes me exceedingly happy!  Watching it on Crunchyroll has been super nice, but now it could all be mine, muahahahahahaha!  *goes looking for Nyanko-sensei so they can celebrate with some sake*


Not directly related to comics, but my brother drew an AWESOME caricature of me for my birthday that manages to include all the nerdy things I’m into. My brother, who works in the story department of Disney Feature Animation, is incredibly awesome and he inspires me to do the best I can in all my creative works.

Matt Morrison

I didn’t write anything last week because my library was closed for a full inventory/reorginization.  It was a royal pain in the behind but I’m happy with the end result.  For the first time since I’ve worked at this library, all of the young adult materials are in one section of the library and I have a brand new teen reading area with new furniture just outside the Teens-Only room.


I’m happy because Graphic Novel Reporter has just started publishing a series of book club guides for graphic novels that I have been developing of the past couple of years with Teacher Librarian Jessica Lee for our middle school Comix! Club.  You can see the first few post here!


I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I got a kick out of Mozambique’s breast cancer awareness campaign using female comic book characters.  Is it awkward?  Yes.  Catwoman wearing claws and examining herself for lumps is so very wrong.  But I appreciate the effort to target younger women to raise awareness about self-exams.


My happy this week is actually more of an “interested and slightly optimistic.” It looks like Dynamite will be publishing a comic based on Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy comics lately (IDW’s D&D book, Chaykin and Mignola’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, the Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archive) and welcome another title. If it’s good it can feed my disappointment that I don’t have time or people for another RPG group.