And…we’re BACK!

At long last, No Flying No Tights is officially back!

Those keen for the news have presumably already been kicking around, but I am incredibly pleased to announce the relaunch of the site and a whole host of news.

First off, we have over 20 new reviews thanks to my outstanding new reviewers!  Check out the reviews at the main page.  Even more exciting, take a look at who’s behind all those fantastic new reviews here.

You can find us on Facebook here and Twitter on over here (if you’re desperate to hear my opinions about TV shows, you’ll find my own Twitter here, but the official NFNT twitter is where we’ll be tweeting out most of our content.)

There will be a variety of new regular features around the site, launching in the upcoming months, including What’s Making Us Happy This Week (blatantly, um, inspired by NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour), Let’s Judge Books By Their Covers, Classic Fantastic, and Bring it Back!

The new site has been designed by the lovely and talented Alison Kotin, who deserves all the kudos in the world for her hard work on revamping this whole site.  Do check out her work as an artist as well as designer — it’s truly outstanding.

As always, we encourage feedback and discussion on the site.  Our comment policy is here, so just abide by those basic rules and we’d love to hear from you.  If you’ve got feedback on the site, please head over to the Suggestion Box to let us know what you’re yearning to see on the site.