G-Man: Learning to Fly

Learning to fly turns out to be the least of Mikey’s problems. As G-Man he must cope with a host of unpleasant surprises, such as the bratty son of a superhero, the crazy activities at the Sunnyside Superhero Summercamp, the Christmas Tree of Doom, and, worst of all, his brother Dave, aka Great Man.

Part of the fun of reading G-Man as an adult is getting all of the inside jokes about superheroes and superhero comics. The last few comics in the book are a long series of jokes about ultimate crises and reworkings of backstories which pick gentle fun at recent events in the Marvel and DC Comics universes. But the nice thing about G-Man is that you don’t have to know about those events to think that things are funny. Giarrusso has a kid-friendly sarcastic wit which will resonate with readers ages 8 and up.

To make things even more fun, Giarrusso’s humor is just the right kind of juvenile. A few potty-type jokes and a repeated gag strip about the brothers being mean to each other are all part of the fun and give G-Man a boy-friendly slant….

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G-Man: Learning to Fly
Chris Giarrusso
ISBN 978-1-60706-087-1
Image, June 2009